Fine Services offers many pest control services for all types of commercial industries.   We pride ourselves in helping our customers with a comprehensive pest eradication plan, as well as follow-up prevention and maintenance  to eliminate future infestations.

Listed below are a few of the types of commercial control Fine Services offers.  If you have a pest problem at your business, Fine Services will help you find the answer!

Bird Control

Bird infestation can cause damage to your image and property as well as expose employees and patrons to illness.  There are a number of diseases which are associated with bird droppings. Histoplasmosis and cryptococcus are two of the most common, potentially fatal, diseases.  We recommend only cleaning these areas with your own personnel when properly trained and using the right equipment and safety precautions.  Fine Services will eliminate your bird infestations with a variety of exclusionary devices which include netting, spikes, wires, coils, electrified tracks and a variety of other products including the Avitrol family of bird frightening products.



Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Industrial Facilities

Safety first!  Safety is always our number one priority when servicing your facility.  We always choose the safest approach to pesticide use to avoid potential liabilities for our clients.  The health and safety of all individuals in your facility is our concern.  Fine Services uses no vapor action from pesticides applied in areas of human contact or exposure.  


Fine Services’ first line of defense is at the outside grounds.  Regular inspections will determine when areas outside need to be treated.  We will perform semi-annual perimeter treatments to protect your facility from occasional invaders.  We provide up-to-the-date information on pest activity.  Pesticides are only applied when pest sighting reports indicate the need.  

With Fine Services, you will always receive up-front, courteous and honest service.  Our program has no hidden costs or fees.  Just one monthly charge for everything related to your complete pest control.

Rodent Control

Rodents can be one of the most destructive pests to invade a facility.  We can provide your businesses or organization with protection against dangerous and costly destruction and repairs, as well as health and safety concerns.  Fine Services provides comprehensive commercial facility rodent and pest control.  The first defense is inspection to eliminate points of entry and intrusion.  We utilize top of the line commercial exterior and interior solutions to rodent eradication and elimination.