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Subterranean termites are destructive wood-eating insects and cause homeowners frustration and expense when active nest sites are found in their homes. This can be especially troublesome when selling a home because lending institutions (banks, savings and loans, FHA, VA) require homes be verified as termite free or wood destroying organism (WDO) free before lending money to home buyers. Your home can be a target for termites and other WDOs, no matter where you live. Termites that find their way through utility entry points and cracks threaten even homes built on slabs. Fine Services utilizes several new termite management methods, even for the most unique types of situations.

Over the years, the pest management industry has developed termite management products and systems that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Fine Services technicians are continually trained in the use of all the systems including the TermAlarm Monitoring System. The TermAlarm Monitoring System provides complete protection of your home from pest and termites combined with Wood Damage Warrantee - all for one price! It watches for termites 24 hours a day within the soil. As soon as termites start their attack, Fine Services technicians begin theirs.

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Termidor is an effective termite elimination product that has proven to work under all types of conditions. Termidor is integrated into our sophisticated TermAlarm system, which provides extended protection qualities for your home or business.
At Fine Services, we recognize that the TermAlarm Solution will not be right every time. This is why we offer a vast array of professional termite management services to all of our our residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We carefully consider each individual situation before deciding on the exact treatment method.

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